March 2023

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🏠 Personal

March started traveling in our Caribbean cruise between Colombia and Panamá and for a full week we continued to Costa Rica, Bahamas, and back to Miami. From there we spent a week in New Orleans (where I worked a couple days) and finally another week in Orlando where I had the Elastic Engineering All Hands. After the meeting we drove down to Miami again to get our flight back to Valencia.

It was our biggest trip together and despite the challenges of traveling with a 2 years old kid, we enjoyed it greatly. We adapted to the kid needs and schedule, but thanks to his good attitude with changes, visiting places, going to restaurants, etc. we could do quite a lot of things together.

Our boat for 10 days
Our boat for 10 days

A parade in New Orleans
A parade in New Orleans

Back to Valencia, and having skipped Fallas, the big festivities here, we mostly stayed at home recovering from the trip and some small health problems and starting with the task of selecting a school for next year.

👨‍💻 Professional

Last month finally I got the chance to meet again my colleagues in person in Orlando, Florida. After three long years (and so much happening) I was excited to get back to “real” meetings and discussions. The event was shorter than I’d wanted, and for some reason Florida hotels have Arctic standards for room temperature, but in general it was super well organized event and we enjoyed the time together. Traveling with the family was a difference and I did not spend long time at the evenings after dinners (I was exhausted anyways).

Big freezing rooms with many black hoodies
Big freezing rooms with many black hoodies

❤️ Community

With all the traveling and such I did not have the chance to do any community related stuff.

📚 Reading

One great thing of traveling on a boat without Internet or interest on TVs is the opportunity to read. I read a lot on this trip. I finished “The Fifth Season” and continued with “The Obelisk Gate” and “The Stone Sky” from N.K. Jemisin “The Broken Earth” trilogy. I enjoyed them greatly and I decided to continue with the fantasy theme and I will be reading the “Earthsea” series by Ursula K. Le Guin for the following months, starting with “A Wizard of Earthsea”.

I did not read anything from the “Staff Engineer” book but I hope I get engaged again into it in April.

🔊 Listening

A selection of non-musical podcasts from this month: