August 2022

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🏠 Personal

August was marked by our relocation to Alba’s apartment. We did the moving at the beginning of the month because I had a work trip later and we wanted to have as much as possible done before me being absent for a full week. It was hard because without daycare, one of us had to stay with the kid.

There is still plenty of things to do, including finalizing to empty my apartment. Nevertheless, we started enjoying the new place and neighborhood, so different from Aldaia in many different ways. Living in the center of a touristy city is fun and I’m sure the kid will enjoy it as well.

The renovated Plaça de la Reina is great for walking

👨‍💻 Professional

At work things are more or less as always except for a team member leaving. This means my responsibilities are expanding (or shifting) into new parts where I will have quite a challenge to keep up. For that I’ve been doing some training but I also had to work on getting ready for the FOSS4G conference that happened in Florence at the end of the month.

❤️ Community

FOSS4G! Finally, after 4 years since my last attendance to an in-person FOSS4G conference, I had the pleasure to travel to Florence and attend the main geospatial event of the year. It was a blast to meet again so many geo-friends and participate in many activites. I left an album in my pictures website in case you are interested.

FOSS4G 2022 closing ceremony

📚 Reading

This month I could do a bit of reading of Meditations by Marcus Aurelius, but frankly I’m still basically not spending quality time for reading.

🔊 Listening

Apart from the music podcasts I mentioned in the October 2021 update, I can highlight the following podcast episodes from this month: