July 2022

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Quick entry this month because we’ve been extremely busy with the home relocation.

🏠 Personal

July passed quickly staying at home. We attended a few of Valencia’s main festivities “Fira de Juliol” like a nice Parade that Bernat enjoyed a lot. We also met with a couple friends in Cullera for a very nice paella 😄.

Valencia July parade

I also created a new website to help me reading tales to Bernat at bedtime https://cuentos.netlify.app/.

Finally, over the month we got as ready as we could 😅 for the home relocation 🏠 that happened at the beginning of August.

👨‍💻 Professional

In July I put quite a bit of time on internal stuff but also spent time on trying to improve Elastic basemaps main styles to make them easier to read and more adapted to Elastic users typical settings.

I also attended an OGC Code Sprint to learn more about the OGC Features API.

❤️ Community

Apart from the previously mentioned Code Sprint I also attended the annual graduation event from my Alma Mater where I had the chance to have some chatting with professors on how things are going on these times.

2022 geomatics engineering graduation event

📚 Reading

Apart from bedtime stories for Bernat I haven’t really read much, but on the other side I’ve listened a bit of fiction stories, see below.

🔊 Listening

Apart from the music podcasts I mentioned in the October 2021 update, I can highlight the following podcast episodes from this month: