May 2022

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🏠 Personal

The first half of May was a month packed with activities from museum visits, concerts, and a bicycle fair. Then I did my first professional trip in February 2019 (!!) and after that, we still had the opportunity to attend a kids’ music festival where Bernat had tons of fun, even though it was incredibly hot.

We even went to the beach with Alba’s parents where Bernat and I had our first 2022 sea swim!

Our first real concert after COVID

Dani Miquel in Catarroja

πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» Professional

The first half of the month was easy with regular work. In the third week, I traveled to London to attend our first in-person post-covid Elastic conference where I could meet many colleagues from UK and have discussions with users and clients. The following day I also attended the Spatial Data Science Conference, organized by CARTO and held at the Royal Geographic Society. It was great to meet a few ex-workmates and see their last projects.

Then the last week of the month was spent half working on my conference in Girona, half attending the virtual company gathering. It’s a pity we will have to wait another year for a full company retreat but well, not much we can do.

The British Museum Ilustration room

The ElasticOn Public Sector UK

❀️ Community

This month I did an Elastic workshop for the Valencia International University and later I’ve been mostly slowly working on the materials for next week Girona SIG Libre conference, where I will be delivering a talk and a workshop. Since both a lightning talk and a workshop were also accepted for Firenze FOSS4G conference later in August, I will try to reuse as much as possible.

πŸ“š Reading

This month has been so busy with other stuff that I was unable to do any real advance on my current readings, not even that much on newsletters and RSS feeds 😒.

πŸ”Š Listening

Apart from the music podcasts I mentioned in the October 2021 update, I can highlight the following podcast episodes listened this month: