April 2022

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馃彔 Personal

April was a quite quiet month just staying at home and working. The Easter holidays were more a stagnation because we all got sick at home. I got COVID, but Alba and Bernat other different viruses so we had to (again) stay at home and rest.

One thing we could do after recovering was to visit the Port of Castell贸 de la Plana for a tall-ships gathering. There were many great boats but I was super happy to see again the Oosterschelde and more importantly the Tirant Primer schooner. The latter is the region school vessel, for many years neglected, and finally they got funds to repair it and get it back to the sea so I hope I will be able to sail on it in the future!

The other big news this month was I got a proper skin and blood allergy tests and I got cleared to eat all nuts, peanuts, etc. I’m only allergic to cashews, pistachio, and mango 馃キ!

Tirant Primer schooner at Port de Castell贸

I can eat almonds again!

馃懆鈥嶐煉 Professional

With the time off this month was mostly about finishing projects at work but also the last week of the month was devoted to research projects at Kibana so I teamed up with Nick Peihl to improve the way our basemaps are exposed. It was a fun week diving into our code base and hacking something I hope we can polish and release soon.

I’m waiting for confirmation but I may be able to do my first work travel in a few weeks after two years!

鉂わ笍 Community

I got confirmation that my Elasticsearch/Kibana workshop for the FOSS4G conference next summer was accepted so I will have the opportunity to lead a four hours session in Firenze 馃コ

This last month OGC handled an event focused on Cloud Native for Geospatial topics. Unfortunately I could not attend much, but it was great to learn a bit about trending areas on how to deliver and process geospatial information in cloud environments, so I’m looking forward to have the opportunity to expose myself more to these kind of stuff.

馃摎 Reading

Basically no reading this month 馃槩

馃攰 Listening

Apart from the music podcasts I mentioned in the October update, I can highlight the following podcast episodes: