March 2022

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🏠 Personal

In March we did our first family trip of 2022 to the Archena Spa and a couple nights at Benidorm. Traveling with Bernat is still challenging and the weather wasn’t great, but we still managed to get some rest. We will definitely repeat the Archena spa!

Archena Spa Hotel

Benidorm Levante beach

On the other hand, and this is half personal half professional I think I finally found in logseq a note-taking system that clicks with my preferences. It’s a nice mix of note-taking, personal knowledge base and even a simple tasking management system that is fully backed by text files and no cloud services are required. And it’s Open Source.

👨‍💻 Professional

Half last month I moved downstairs to my own private office for the upcoming months, at least until summer. I’m still adapting to the new setting but it’s way quieter and not needing to move around to find a place to meet is always welcomed. The annual in-person gathering at work was cancelled so, again, we will do a virtual conference (lame) and no plans to meet my coworkers anytime soon 😢. I may have a chance to meet some of them later in August in Firenze if we get to attend the FOSS4G conference.

❤️ Community

Mi SIG Libre talk and workshop were accepted! It’s great to get back to normal and Girona’s annual gathering of Open Source & Geo community is a must for me so I’m super pumped I can not only attend but also contribute and get the chance to show what we are doing at Elastic. On the other hand, the community review of the FOSS4G conference is half through. I also submitted more or less the same talk and workshop, so let’s see if I can repeat the shows at Firence in August.

📚 Reading

I haven’t read much this month but I keep moving forward with bot the Millionaire Fastlane and the short stories Stranger Things Happen.

🔊 Listening

Apart from the music podcasts I mentioned in the October update, I can highlight the following podcast episodes: