January 2022

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🏠 Personal

January started with a few days off until the end of the Christmas/New Year holidays. In mid January I had finally my (hopefully last!) fistula surgery so for the rest of the month I was on sick leave recovering. The health issues did not stop there because I got also an ear infection and Alba got Covid. It’s been a pretty miserable and uncomfortable month so I’m very happy it’s finished!

Just before the surgery we delighted ourselves with a Christmas present in the form of a fancy one Michelin star restaurant lunch. The picture on the left is taken in the gardens of Bombas Gens, the gallery art where the restaurant is located. The other picture I highlight this month is just a fun retro-style t-shirt we got from the old brand of a popular Spanish superstore.

Me at the Bombas Gens garden

Playmobil exhibition in Alfafar

👨‍💻 Professional

Well, with between holidays and sick leave this month has been pretty much void of interesting work stuff. Maybe something to highlight is that the Cumbre Vieja eruption article at Elastic’s blog was finally published and I got a lot of positive feedback about it.

❤️ Community

Likewise, I did zero community stuff this January 😢.

📚 Reading

I took a small break from reading Meditations by Marcus Aurelius, and read all the content from Pump Six and Other Stories by Paolo Bacigalupi. I loved the format even the topics where very much dystopic and dark.

🔊 Listening

Apart from the music podcasts I mentioned in the October update, I can highlight the following podcast episodes: