December 2021

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🏠 Personal

December is time to wrap up the year. We had to cancel a trip to Barcelona last-minute because, well Bernat shared with me a stomach virus that kicked in the very same day we were going to travel. Lucky us, we flipped that by some staycation time at home. We also celebrated Bernat’s first birthday and that was actually our biggest family event of this season. This month we had some great sunny days like the one in the picture were we visited Valencia’s Parc Central. The very last day of the year we also visited a small Playmobil exhibition in a town near Aldaia. End of the year was quiet and easy at home without big parties. Well, our neighbors had one we enjoyed but never mind.

Parc Central

Playmobil exhibition in Alfafarv

👨‍💻 Professional

This month I kept working in Elastic Maps Service systems but I also had the chance to write two blog posts about the Cumbre Vieja Kibana dashboard. One was already published in Elastic Advent Calendar and the other will be released in January. I’m also excited to have Nick Peihl back to work from his new home in the East Coast, so our overlapping working hours will get increased significantly.

❤️ Community

In December we planned to celebrate Geoinquietos Valencia 10th anniversary, but with COVID cases rising we had to postpone. Hopefully we will be able to gather again in January or February. Just before the Christmas break I also submitted a workshop for SIG Libre 2022, the Spanish FOSS4G event. I also plan to submit a talk but that will have to wait a bit. Pretty excited to get back to this conference.

📚 Reading

I keep reading Meditations by Marcus Aurelius, but I gave myself a break from serious writing to get into Pump Six and Other Stories by Paolo Bacigalupi, a collection of short Sci-Fi stories I had in my Kindle for a long time from a Humble Bundle purchase.

🔊 Listening

Apart from the music podcasts I mentioned in the October update, I can highlight the following podcast episodes: