October 2021

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🏠 Personal

October was a quiet month. We spent a long weekend in Dénia, where we enjoyed the sea, the relaxed place. Apart from that, we basically navigated through the month staying at home with occasional eats out.

Well, one last thing just by the end of the month; we had a misunderstanding in a restaurant, and they served us nuts, so I got an allergic reaction immediately. We were close to a clinic, so they gave me the drugs to recover quickly, but they transferred me to my hospital, so I had my first ambulance ride in Spain! (yeah, my really first ambulance ride was in London, for the same reasons 😅).

Bernat having breakfast

Riding to a hospital

👨‍💻 Professional

October started with the FOSS4G conference, and I also tried to attend (not very successfully) the NACIS conference. The rest of the time has been chiefly devoted to releasing Elastic Stack 7.16 and 8.0 versions. I started to work full days, and it’s been pretty good. It’s a bit refreshing to feel I can do more throughout the day.

October was also my last week at my office in Alaquàs. I moved to a new coworking space in Torrent, and I will have to drive every day (just 10 minutes or so) and join a well-equipped office.

❤️ Community

Not much happened this month apart from the before-mentioned conferences. We are slowly getting out of the pandemic restrictions. We are starting to plan in-person meetups for the local geoinquietos community. I’m delighted to help organize this and looking forward to seeing everyone’s faces!

📚 Reading

Unfortunately, this month, I had a few hours at hospitals, so I could put some time to read and finish The Almanack of Naval Ravikant. It was an exciting read if you do it from some distance, and there is some good advice there. Related to this text, I’ve been more interested lately in Stoic content, so I started reading the Meditations by Marcus Aurelius.

I will put Nosaltres, els valencians on hold for now. Still, it will likely be my following essay unless I feel more interested in a novel next.

🔊 Listening

Another month without audiobooks 😥. Some interesting podcast episodes I listened to this month:

This month I’ll also share my standard working music set. I automatically add new episodes to my queue, so I always have music to listen to at work and elsewhere.