September 2021

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🏠 Personal

September was marked by having our first long family trip to Toulouse 🇫🇷 where we stayed for 10 nights, with two nights before in Girona and another one near Reus on our trip back. It was great to disconnect from work and even it was exhausting to move around with the baby. We had a nice time walking Toulouse up and down, doing short trips to the surroundings, etc.

I uploaded an album to my media website with a few pictures from our trip, sharing here a couple of pics from Girona and Toulouse.

A view of Girona old town from the river

A view of Tolouse from our apartment

👨‍💻 Professional

This month, with the time off in the middle, has not been very productive on my end at work. We just finished this week the FOSS4G conference were I spoke with my workmate Thomas about Elastic and Geo. Next month will be the last one with the parental leave reduced day hours, meaning I will be full-time back to work. I guess it will be a bit hard and it will take a bit of time to get used to it but we’ll do it!

Lately I’ve been considering moving from my current office. It will mean I’ll need to take a car everyday but maybe in the future I will be able to bike to the places I’m considering.

❤️ Community

In the last week of September the long waited online edition of the annual OSGeo Foundation main event, FOSS4G, was held virtually. It should have happenned in Buenos Aires, Argentina. and it also had to be chaired by Malena Libman (Male), but COVID take everything down, including her 😔. In any case, the conference went well, given the circumstances and I got the feeling of being one of the (hopefully!) last online conference of a couple of weird years. On the first and second weeks of October I will also be attending other conferences, first the Elastic Globar User conference, and later the North American Cartographers Association annual meeting.

📚 Reading

Yet another slow to almost no reading month 😥. I read just a few pages from The Almanack of Naval Ravikant. In our holidays the evenings I was so exhausted that we barely could see some Netflix and that was all!

🔇 Listening

No audiobooks this month 😥