June 2020

Published on at update , 2 mins.

👨‍💻 Professional

After a short release cycle with 7.8, looking for the last two weeks to feature freeze for 7.9 and the summer time where less people is around.

Working at Elastic is great, I’m used to the “evenings” focus of the working days since most of my colleagues are in the US; I get the most of my mornings before starting to work, since after work is basically dinner and late day relax.

❤️ Community

After a successful FOSS4G UK (I blogged about it here), this weekend there’s the annual OSM conference also online. Not very much activity in the community front.

🏠 Personal

The time out in Anna was nice but short, there are no plans so far for holidays this summer apart from maybe a few days on a family apartment.

The other big change is that we are having a kid by the end of the year, so we are going through the process as well as we can, later we will start with more serious home preparations but so far it’s all about taking care of my partner.

📚 Reading

I haven’t touched The Intelligent Investor during confinement, and I even slowed down with The Moon is a Harsh Mistress a bit. I was optimistic on doing more reading this month but truth is that I haven’t really spent much time on my readings.

And in the what’s next/postponed queue: