May 2020

Published on at update , 1 mins.

👨‍💻 Professional

Nothing really interesting to share, just focusing on company projects since with the COVID situation there are no travel opportunities. Last month Virtual Global All Hands was great!

❤️ Community

I plan to keep attending virtual conferences, looking forward to attend soon GeoMob and FOSS4G UK.

🏠 Personal

As confinement rules relax, we are already planning to spend some time outside, even not traveling far away. I guess this year we’ll do mostly “in-country” tourism.

I’ve also started to regularly listen more personal finances podcasts on my morning walks, specially now that I’m getting back to spend around an hour in the morning every day before starting my working hours.

📚 Reading

I haven’t touched The Intelligent Investor during confinement, and I even slowed down with The Moon is a Harsh Mistress a bit, but I’m optimistic on doing more reading in the following weeks.

And in the what’s next/postponed queue: