2017 recap

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*Note: I fucked up with the images and broke all the thumbnails so you’ll have to stay with the wordy version sorry!!

This is my recap for 2017. You’ll see below the images I posted on my Instagram account (click for details) and a few words per month. Be aware that if you go through the full year it’ll be around 11 megabytes of pictures (many of them extremely boring) :-).

In 2017 I’ve only finished six books which is really sad, having also abandoned a few more that I will get done over the following months. On the other hand, probably the biggest highlight for me this year has been to start taking seriously to get out everyday for walking. That means I spend almost everyday no less than 90 minutes, with a regular objective of 15 thousand steps every day. In 2017 I’ve walked 4.8 million steps. Google Fit says it’s equivalent to 4400 kilometers but I’m pretty sure it’s overestimated in my case by a 10% or so, still that’s around 10 kilometers per day which seems quite accurate. By the end of the year I’ve acquired an standing desk so I’m also reducing the amount of time I work seated. Finally, with the help of a phone app I’ve improved my sleep moving from 7 in 2016 to 7:30 hours per day more or less and I want to move up to a full eight hours sleep per day in 2018.

In 2017, I would love to have had more sailing and music festivals but I can’t complain.

I’ve traveled more than ever, probably more than 3 months out of home, having done around 20 talks both for community and CARTO clients. This year I plan to reduce that, being more selective with the events I attend and maybe also trying to make them more variated.

I’m also considering to reduce the number of e-mails I process. I recently discovered that I’m receiving on average a hundred messages per day, being around 25 from OSGeo and 12 from OpenStreetMap mailing lists, which is definitely too much. Not a big deal because I process them efficiently thanks to filters and keyboard shortcuts but if I’m not being that much involved in both communities (at least at international level) so there’s no point on following them that closely.

Anyway, 2017 it’s not been an incredible year but also not a bad one, looking at the following pictures I recognize some nice moments and I’m looking forward to have no less than the same fun and excitement for 2018 :-).

Have fun!!