Hi I'm Jorge, thanks for coming and welcome to my personal web page. The main content here is my blog and this frontpage with contact information and some links about my Internet presence.

Have a nice day!

That's me


The easiest way to reach me is using the contact form. You can also contact me using LinkedIn and I'm @xurxosanz on Twitter.


A bit about me

I live and work in Valencia, Spain with my partner and our son. I studied Cartography and Geodesy Engineering, and I develop my professional career around Geospatial Information Systems and Open Source Software. You can check my now page and resume for mor details.

As a truly supporter of Free Software and Culture, I volunteer at the OSGeo Foundation at any level, helping to manage some foundation systems, supporting the OSGeo Spanish Language Local Chapter and promoting at local level at our Geoinquietos group and many many others.

Finally I really enjoy spending time with my family, sailing, reading a good novel, going to festivals and concerts, movies, swimming and going out for a hike (who don't?).



My two main writing spots are my personal blog right here, and anything geospatial goes to a blog I maintain with some friends, the Geomatic Blog. Over the years I've also contributed to these blogs: Elastic, CARTO, Prodevelop, and gvSIG.

If you find something interesting (or annoying!) on my writings, please leave a comment, or contact me, and you'll make me a happy blogger.


I'm a quite active on Twitter and it is my primary social media network, even my tweets are removed after a few days. I use Pinboard to collect my bookmarks, GoodReads to track my books, and finally I track the music I enjoy with LastFM.

About this site

This website is built using the static sites generator Jekyll along with Jekyll Bootstrap. There are a few bits more of information at humans.txt file and happy to discuss with you if you want to chat about the techie details.